Our testing services… Customized!

Are you struggling to detect and eliminate bugs? Do you want daily support during the requirements phase of your website or application building?Trying to carry out the test operations yourself but are short of resources? We are here to meet your own special needs thanks to our customized service.

Our mission is to ensure you meet your clients and end users’ demands by supplying deliverables in time. Let us verify and test your digital products before uploading them.

Digital Testing

This service is ideal for digital product designers (Website, mobile application, newsletter, social media…) who want to guarantee the quality of their product by using[Tierce Recette Applicative (TRA)] or Quality Assurance Testing (QAT).

We undertake all your digital testing activities:

  • Define and optimize testing process
  • Assess current status and devise framework for testing activities
  • Organize and structure requirements (traceability matrix…)
  • Write up of specifications (cahier de recette)
  • Manual and automated tests
  • Reporting

Our tests:

  • Functional testing
  • Interoperability testing
  • Regression testing, compatibility
  • Navigation testing, usability testing
  • Performance testing, load testing
  • Application security testing
  • Configuration audits
  • Architecture assessment, networks

If you have a specific project request, we can answer you here

We want to save you time and resources.Trust us, we will find all your bugs!

The success of your launch depends on the quality of your digital products, and we are here to help you succeed. Submit a project

We will run all the tests, and then report our findings to you, complete with assessments and summaries.

Test reports

Test reports list all tests performed, as well as any new or corrected bugsof that version. It is updated daily so you can follow up on the progress and end results.

Test synthesis

Synthesizing helps the project leader determine the system’s initial production date.

Test assessments

Assessing allows us to select the most appropriate methods and means for testing, as well asorganizing the testing procedures.

Thebugfinder offers additional services such as testing strategy, as required.